About us

Tatami is an Inbound Marketing agency based in Finland.

Tatami was founded in 2008. Since then we have been helping our customers to improve and optimize their web presence. We do this by selecting each time the best and most cost-effective marketing channels.

With our help you can reach your potential customers when they are about to make a purchase decision. Search Engine Marketing in its different forms (Search Engine Optimization and Search Advertising) ensure that your marketing budget is not entirely devoted to stimulate demand, but to reach potential customers at the time of purchase.

Through our skilled staff you get access to proper tools for Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics and Social Media monitoring. No matter which of our services you are using it always includes straightforward reporting to ease up you decision making. The quality of our reporting is one of the things our existing customers have been giving great feedback. We have also achieved the Google AdWords certification as a proof our skilled search marketing management.

In addition, we offer advertising in all of Russia's leading search engines and thousands of online medias – there are not many Nordic players who can offer the same network!

Our offices are located in Joensuu and Turku, from where we serve our clients across the Europe.