Inbound Marketing

Our Inbound marketing services help your business to recognize those potential customers that are already interested in your offering.

Inbound marketing in a nutshell:


Make sure that your business can be found online

  2. Turn your visitors & leads into customers 

  3. Analyze and develop

What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy, in which the company aims to be discovered directly by its customers. This is the opposite of traditional marketing, which focuses on finding customers and raising awareness among them. In the current flood of advertising, consumers are often tired with, and even educated to avoid, traditional advertising (TV, radio, direct mail, etc.).

Successful Inbound marketing consists of:

High-quality content (blogs, videos, guides, etc.) 

  2. Search Engine Marketing (keyword research, search engine optimization and search advertising) 

  3. Social Media usage (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

The most successful inbound-marketing campaigns combine all three building blocks. Often step-by-step approach is needed, starting with content analysis and creation.

Tatami’s service offering is planned to help your company with every corner stone of a successful Inbound marketing strategy:

Tatami’s search engine marketing services will ensure your company’s findability online. Search engine optimization helps you plan your content so that it can be found with search phrases important to your business through natural search results. Search Advertising is a cost-effective way to ensure e.g. the visibility of your campaign site.

Conversion optimization is the key in maximizing the ability of your website to turn your visitors into a paying customer. The idea is to manage the relationship with different visitor groups differently. Random visitors, leads and existing customers should all be treated systematically and according to their specific information needs. This leads to improved conversions and better user/customer experience among your target group.

Successful inbound marketing requires precise analysis of your website’s traffic. Tatami's web analytics expertise guarantees that you know which of the measures and actions are working and which do not.