Search Engine Marketing in Russia

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a cost-effective way to reach your potential customers in Russia. The Russian are familiar with regularly using more than one search engine. Due to this you may need to use more than one search engine at a time.

Customer Benefits

Ensure your search engine visibility in the Russian market. You pay only for visitors, not for the ad impressions. You can target your marketing carefully with keywords describing your products and service. Geographic targeting can be used as well. You can easily monitor the results achieved with help of our advanced reporting.

Search engines in Russia

Unlike in most countries domestic search engines dominate the Russian online market. Yandex is the market leader with over 60 percent market share followed by Google, Rambler and

Precise targeting is crucial

Although Internet penetration is still relatively low in Russia, the amount of users already exceeds 40 million. This makes thee targeting and monitoring of the campaign more challenging than for example in Finland.

Geographical targeting is also possible in Yandex and Rambler – in you’re your target group is mainly located in Moscow and St. Petersburg you should consider targeting your campaign to those areas only.

Service Description

Setting the goals and defining the target group. Planning the Russian-language keywords and text ads - if necessary, approval by the client. Campaign set-up and management. Monitoring, analyzing and reporting the traffic derived from the campaign Continuous development of the campaign according to information collected and the customer's own development ideas.