Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization includes technical, content and linking improvements. Search Engine Optimization makes your website in the first hand more search engine friendly. This will direct more traffic to your website, that finally helps you acquire more business prospects or direct sales.

Our search engine optimization projects are transparent and easy to monitor due to our focus on reporting.

Why would you invest in search engine optimization?

  • Findability. 80 percent of all the clicks in search engines occur on the first search engine result page.
  • Recognition. 36% of the users of search engines considers companies as market leaders if they can be found on the first search engine result page.
  • Targeting. Visitors acquired through Search Engine Optimization are already interested in your offering.
  • Monitoring and analyzing the results. Search Engine Optimization results are monitored. The results are used in further developing your website and search engine visibility.

Service Description

Baseline study Planning and analysis of preliminary keyword lists (estimated numbers of monthly search and visitors) Keyword-specific reporting on development of search engine rankings. Monitoring the website traffic and reporting accordingly. Web page development proposals to optimize the results.

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